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*7th Century-The Avars and Slavs settled gradually into the territory of Croatia. The Croats engage themselves in fighting the Avarian dominance and after defeating them settled in today's territories. In the early Middle Ages, Croatia was under the rule of the Franks.
* 9th Century- The age of Duke Trpimir (called dux Chroatorum) and Duke Branimir, when Croatia became independent.
* 10th Century- The age of King Tomislav when Croatia was very powerful. Stjepan Držislav was the first crowned Croatian king.
* 11th Century- The Trpimirovići dynasty dies out, and Croatian kings now came under the rule of Arpadovići, who introduced new ways of ruling (division into counties).
* 12th Century12th Century - Mighty feudal families emerged (Dukes of Krk, Vinodol, Cetina Omiš...)*1242- The invasion of the Tartars, after which King Bela IV began to establish free royal towns.
* Since 1260 Croatia was divided into two territories governed by bans (Vice-Roys) (Slavonija and Croatia).
* 1409 - Venice bought the rights to Dalmatia from Ladislav of Naples for 100.000 ducats and ruled over it until 1797.
* The Turks devastated Croatia during the 15th Century. The division into two territories WAs overcome by the unification of the Sabors (Parliaments) of Croatia and Slavonia.
* 1593 - Battle of Sisak was the turning point in the fight against the Turks. The interior conflicts between the Court and Croatian noblemen continued.
* 18th Century- Croatia became administratively dependent on Hungary. Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and Boka Kotorska recognized the authority of Napoleon I for a short time; they came under the authority of Hapsburg monarchy after 1813.
* 18th Century- The time of Illyrian movement whose members advocated a free use of the Croatian language. An increased revival of national consciousness.
* 1848- The revolution led by the Croatian ban Josip Jelačić aimed to defend Croatia`s national interests.
* 1918 - The Croatian Sabor proclaims the seceding from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Croatia enters the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes the same year. Istria, Rijeka and Zadar then came under Italian rule.
* 1941-1945- The Independent State of Croatia was created during the Second World War and was dependent on the Nazi regimes of Italy and Germany. The anti-fascist movement grew very strong. After the war Croatia became one of the federal republics within the renewed Yugoslavia under the rule of the communists.
* 1990- After democratic elections Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia and proclaims its own independence and sovereignty. At the same time ,a part of the Serbian population stirred up a rebellion, dictated by Belgrade, which resulted in the aggression of the JNA and Yugoslavia against Croatia.
* 1992- Croatia became the full member of the United Nations.
* 1995- The Croatian territory is completely liberated.
* 2001-Croatia was accepted Ratification about EU